Saturday, April 1, 2017

Rainbow Spawn

Upper Level Snow Is Left To Melt 

The weather hasn't gotten cold again since my last post. High's in the mid 50's are the norm in the Valley's and high 30's in the mountains. Most of the low and mid layer snow has melted and if it wasn't for the rain we would probably have good flows all over. You usually can find somewhere that has good water you just have to pay attention to the USGS gauges.

Colored Up Brown 

The rainbow spawn has kicked into full gear on some sections of streams. I noticed fish paired up on redds today and many vacant redds as well. I would imagine they are just getting started doing their thing so watch where you are wading, sometimes on our cobblestone river bottoms it can be tricky noticing the spawning beds. If you like to nymph with dirty flies now is the time to go enjoy a good old fashion egg party. If you can get to the stream before everyone else and run your egg pattern through the deeper buckets fish tend to get really aggressive and inhale it. The trout out here really have an attitude right now as well.....if you want to experience some great fights get out and enjoy the battles.

Hard Fighting Bow 
The Browns have awakened from their winter slumber as well and are fighting just as hard as the rainbows. They seem to be pretty finicky when the sun is high, but if you get a good cloudy day some of the best fishing of the year will be had in the next few weeks before run-off.

Amazing Coloring On This Fish 

I've noticed some heavy midge hatches the past few days and also a few BWO's. The forecast tomorrow looks promising for those looking to chuck some tiny dries at rising fish. Go get em....

Right Off The Bank 

Log Fish 
Another Nymph Eater 

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