Sunday, April 30, 2017

Grobe Anglers Get Together

Grobe Anglers 

The Fish Of The Year For Me? 

My brothers came out to visit for the past week and we did what we do, fish. We fished hard for 7 straight days and the conditions were cold but the water was great. We fished in wind, snow and rain, typical spring weather here in Montana. The bugs seemed to be dormant the first part of the week but things picked up drastically once the air temperatures got warmer. We witnessed the beginning of the Mothers Day Caddis Hatch and had some epic BWO action. The nymph bite was consistent the entire time and a few big fish came to the net. We explored and discovered some new water that should produce some hefty fish in the near future.
Paradise Valley 

They came out the same time last year and the weather and water couldn't of been more different. Last year we dealt with off color water and high flows, the opposite held true this year. The run-off will be hitting us shortly, air temperatures look to spike as the week progresses, I'm glad we got to hit it hard before that happens. Till next time boys.....
Best Looking Brown Out Of The Many We Caught 
The Dry Fly Master 

Dissecting The River
Complex Currents 

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