Sunday, May 7, 2017

Runoff 2017

Buck Nasty Brown 

Runoff has officially hit in the state of Montana. The air temperatures finally hit the 70 degree mark for the first time since last September, they even creeped into the low 80's. Add in some thunderstorms and most rivers and streams are chocolate mud and into the banks. The Mothers Day Caddis hatch was just good for 10 days or so before she blew out. There will still be options available for those anglers not willing to put the rod away, but most fisherman will take advantage of the high water to stock up on flies for this summer. I fished some local spots this weekend and managed to get some really good fish. Nymphing was the name of the game even though blizzards of caddis swarmed over the river.

Small streams will come into play over the next 4 weeks 
Dead Drifting Streams Produced This Guy 

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