Sunday, May 21, 2017


Solid water clarity for late May 

The past few days I've logged more miles on my truck then I'd like to say.....but it was worth it. Some of my stops to find trout proved to be worthless but one specific stop made all the driving worth it. A brief cold spell allowed some streams and rivers to come down and clear up a bit, so there are a few options out there right now. It will be interesting to see how high the rivers will get once the air temperatures rise again....maybe it will be a trickle run-off from here on out.

Wide Open Spaces 
Our one stop on an unknown creek proved to make all the exploring worth it. My buddies and I managed to get a bunch of rainbows in the 17-21 inch class. Felt good to rip some lips with these guys after all the traveling.

Andy sticking a good Madison River Rainbow 
Lots Of Good Rainbows Came To The Net 
Catch And Release

All Colored Up 

WOJO doing what he does best 
Nymph Eater 
Before The Rain Came In 
Most of the trout seemed to focus their lies in the softer seams. Anytime we would find some calm water the fish would follow. As for bugs they were limited except for a brief BWO hatch in the afternoon but no fish took notice that I saw.

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