Thursday, June 1, 2017

Peak Run Off Close?


It's an anxious time here in Montana. The weather has finally settled into summer like patterns and everyone is itching to wet a fly. The stream gauges are still creeping upward, but they haven't topped out yet. This years snow pack was pretty big and the cool spring allowed most of it to linger around longer then the past few years. I'm guessing in the next 10 days you will see most rivers peak out and start to SLOWLY drop. Obviously some river drainages will be better then others so pay attention to the USGS site.
Small Water Brown 

I've spent most of my time lately in the smaller mountain streams that can handle the snow melt better then the big freestoners. Action has been very good underneath the surface and the bugs have really started to pop. It's only a matter of time before sightings of Salmon Flies will be the talk of town. Until then get creative and go explore, there's plenty of water out there ready to see some fisherman.
Getting Into The Back Country 

Andy Scoring On A Big Bow 
 The word from PA is high and muddy water with a limited dry fly bite. Seems like hitting the water right back home has been challenging. My brothers have gotten out a few times and the bite has been solid underneath the surface. Andy has been getting into some good fish lately.

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