Sunday, June 4, 2017

Small Streams And Dry Flies

Perfect Dry Fly Water 

Got a good 5 hour outing in this weekend on some local water. The clarity held up well even with this high 80 degree temperature we've had going on out in Montana right now. I explored some new water and decided to bring out the 3 weight and throw some big dry fly's around. The fish cooperated so well I rarely had to change fly's. A good old Royal Wulff and Stimulator was the ticket. Nothing beats tossing these bushy flies into the soft seams and raising fish to the surface. Nothing of size but that's not why I come here....I come here to catch these eager little gems on dry fly's. I have to say I've strayed away from tossing bugs on the surface in the past few years, but this stream has perked my interest once again.

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