Sunday, November 5, 2017

Grobe Anglers Fall Vacation: Ripping Lips In A BIG Way

Working A Seam 
The Hats Gave Us Good Luck 

Andy and Ben came out for the annual fall vacation in search of big wild brown trout. It didn't disappoint. The weather at the beginning of the trip was spectacular for late fall. By the end of the trip Old Man Winter decided it was time to show up in Montana....and he'll be around for the next 5-6 months. We stuck to nymph's for the duration of the trip, and the fish responded accordingly. We saw a few guys out there ripping meat to entice these big browns to eat. We've proven time after time a well presented nymph is more productive then chucking that meat. The cold weather was just what we needed to find solitude on most of the waters we fished, I'll take that over comfortable weather any day of the week. This will go down as one of the best big fish trips we've would be tough to top this in the future.

Absolute Stunner Of A Brown Trout 
Bring On The Snow 
Miss Piggy 
Ben Showing Off A Halloween Stud 

Small Stream Gem 

Battling Through The Elements

A Slab Of A Rainbow

Name It 
Ben With A Bruiser

Starting The Trip Off Right

Pumpkin Brown

Get Some 
Epic Trip 

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