Sunday, June 3, 2018

Soon Enough

Big Bugs Big Fish 

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I took a trip out to Norway in the middle of May but I've still been fishing here and there. Waters are still pretty much blown out but I think we've scene the peak of run-off. Now it's a waiting game. I did learn that you can still get some great fishing in during the high period, you just have to be willing to drive a little bit. If you do you will be rewarded with some great fishing.
2 foot cutty! 

I went down south and got my first salmon fly fishing of the year. The big bugs were out in force and they took notice to those big bugs on the surface. The Salmon Fly has made its way to the park in some will only be a few more weeks before it gets going on the Madison. With that will come the crowds though...and the start of summer. The Bozeman area looks spectacular right now with the green and white capped peaks, it's as lush as I've ever scene it making for some great photo ops. Hopefully I'll be reporting back soon on some of the local rivers and how they are fishing. Until then enjoy the pics.

The Tetons 

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