Sunday, July 1, 2018

Chasing The Big Bug

I have a few things that I needed to cross off my bucket list since I moved out to Montana. One of them was chasing the famous Salmon Fly Hatch. Over the past two weeks I have done just that on my favorite tailwater. I was lucky enough to float over 100 miles of water in that time.

At the beginning of the hatch I was skeptical about all the buzz this big bug gets from everyone. We stayed committed to the dry fly and were rewarded with a few fish here and there. But just as I was about to throw the towel in the magic happened and I now know why people fly in from all over the country to try and experience this hatch.

I had two floats over the past few nights, we put in at 3 and floated toward dark. One of the biggest advantages the later float gives you is rested water....most of the guide boats have pulled off by then. We got into the bulk of the bugs and ended up having 40-50 eats a night on top. We stuck a good many but also missed quite a few, it's a challenge getting used to setting the hook on that fly. Giving the trout a second to inhale it is key to getting the proper hook up. I will say the ferocity that the fish hit these bugs is THE REAL DEAL. As many as you know I am mostly a nymph fisherman. But....after hitting this hatch right, I'd pick chucking these big bugs over nymphing any day of the week.

We are finally seeing most of our waters get down to fish-able levels at the moment. The mighty Yellowstone should dip under the magic 10,000 cfs number this week and will help spread out the traffic that's been on the Madison lately. I have a feeling this July will be one of the best on record with the great water and cool temps we've been having. Get out there an enjoy it....we only have 8 weeks left until the snow starts flying for good around here! Tight Lines

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