Friday, November 20, 2020

Making The Most Of Opportunities On The Water

 I just noticed my last check in was in June! Wow, we probably don't have any followers anymore. The new kid has my hands full but I have been out on the water as frequent as possible. The hopper bite toward the end of summer was pretty damn good. I have found some smaller creeks in the area have an abundance of hoppers that congregate on the dry riverbed in close proximity of the water, these are the spots the yield incredible dry fly opportunities year in and year out. As we transitioned into early fall work picked up and my time on the water was far and few between. Timing the true pre-spawn bite out in Montana varies from watershed to watershed. If you fish a stream that is in full spawn mode expect for very long and slow days unless the river is loaded up with rainbows. We are now in our post spawn mode and again.....depending on what the river or stream has in its water will dictate what type of action you get. The rainbows are starting to congregate in winter water, nice slow moving and deep pools. The browns just did there thing and are attempting to get back to a normal feeding pattern but this will take a few weeks to happen. 

December can be a tough month out in Montana if you don't change your mindset on where fish hang in the winter and what flies to toss. Midges are the main meal in the waterways so your two nymph rig should have at least 1 #16-18 midge/mayfly pattern on if you want to get into numbers. Avoid riffles until later in the day and focus your attention on the slowest and deepest of holes. That's where the "Pods" of fish are this time of year. If you catch one.....there will surely be more. This is a great time to get out and enjoy the peace of winter around these parts and many places around the country. Enjoy Old Man Winter! 

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