Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hidden Valley: Jones Mill Loop

Took a trip up to Hidden Valley after fishing this afternoon. I find myself doing as much as possible on my only day off of the week. I parked at the first lot on Fire Tower road. From there I rode across the road and hooked a right up the power line. This is a steady climb right off the bat and somewhat catches you off guard. Once you hit the top you ride through a cool meadow until you hit the woods again. I hooked a left on Jones Mill Trail and followed the road for 500 yards till it dips into a sweet single track section. From this point on its all good single track with rocks, roots and dirt. Took a right with the junction of Lookout trail through some really tight single-track with lots of roots. When the trail came to a T make a right and continue till you hit the road. You can see where the trail continues and its a little uphill climb. From here you loop back through some wicked root riding mixed in with loose rocks and some solid rock back to the parking lot. The last downhill is a great reward for all the work you put in. I really enjoy this loop, took me about 45 min, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a new ride around the Laurel Highlands.

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