Thursday, August 27, 2009

South Park: City Ride

I took a trip to the "City Single-Track" in South Park. I parked up from the roller rink and headed into the woods. There are numerous trails in the park with no markings. I have ridden here 5-6 times and still get lost. They are plentiful but you would need to ride here on a weekly basis to learn them all. They are all dirt single-track but some of the trails have man made features in them that keep it interesting. If you hit the right trail you can come across numerous log crossings, see-saws, and even ride over roofs of old buildings. People that live in the city should be thankful someone created these trails. Beware though, it is very crowded and people FLY through the trails. There are lots of horses too. This ride is better then nothing and would recommend it to anyone looking for a ride after work in Pittsburgh.

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