Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Penns Creek Fishing Report 5-17-10

After fishing Spring Creek Sunday night I headed up to my brothers campsite at Poe Paddy that evening. We got up pretty late Monday, didn't start to fish until 11am. The weather was overcast and the air temperatures didn't hit 60 degrees all day. Bugs were hatching all day but the fish were reluctant to hit surface. So we had to stay underneath for the majority of the day which didn't turn out to be a bad thing. I ended up catching 20 fish on nymphs which is the best day I have had on Penns in a long time. We started out at the Claybanks hole and worked our way up to the Broadwater. #12 copper john's and the stink bomb caught all my fish. We got out of the stream around 6pm to eat dinner then headed back to the Broadwater for the evening. A very heavy sulphur hatch happened from 7:30-dark but few fish were on to them. The spinner fall at night was even heavier with more fish rising(not a ton) right at dark. I ended up catching two on a #14 sulphur bunny and my brother caught 2 as well. I am not sure why the fish didn't take to the surface more.....guess that is why I keep going back to Penns.

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  1. figures you would slam them on the stinkbomb...